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Chempack is a leading catalyst manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Over the past years of dedication since 1970, our company has received the ISO9001:2000 certification due to our management in line with international standards. We provide a complete range of products, including reforming catalyst, isomerization catalyst, arsenic removal, oxygen removal, molecular sieve, and others. Quality is high priority for us at Chempack. To accomplish this, we have established a complete ERP system for rational management of raw material procurement. Our highly qualified technical personnel constantly come up with technical solutions to ensure reliability of our products. While our inspection center fully equipped with precision testing instruments, coupled with our specialized personnel, guarantees qualified products for our customers. These factors enable us to provide top quality chemical products for our customers. In addition, located in Jiangxi province, we are close to Guangzhou, Fujian and other major cities, where we have easy access to convenient transportation. This helps us deliver goods promptly at reasonable rates for our customers. Hence, you can feel secure in choosing and using our products.

In order to better serve our customers, we at Chempack offer complete service. For example, we provide the best solutions to special customer needs as well as give technical advice on catalyst loading, e.g., upon request. Raw material processing and catalyst regeneration services are also available. We can also help determine physical-chemical property and evaluate activity of catalysts.

Abbreviations for Catalyst Compilation

ABD: Apparent bulk density
AGO: Atmospheric gas oil
Arom.: Aromatic or aromatics
Bott.: Bottoms
BTX: Benzene, toluene, xylenes (aromatics)
CGO: Coker gas oil
Cyl.: Cylinder
DAO: Deasphalted oil
De-N: Denitrogenated or denitrogenation
De-S: Desulfurized or desulfurization
Dist.: Distillate or distillates
DMO: Demetallized oil
DO: Diesel oil
Ext.: Extrudate
FCC: Fluid catalytic cracking
FO: Fuel oil
Gaso.: Gasoline
GO: Gas oil

HAGO: Heavy atmospheric gas oil
HC: Hydrocracking, hydrocracked, or hydrocrackeru
HCO: Heavy cycle oil
HDM: Hydrodemetallization
HDN: Hydrodenitrogenation
HDS: Hydrodesulfurization
HFO: Heavy fuel oil
HGO: Heavy gas oil
HP: High pressure
HSFO: High-sulfur fuel oil
HT: High temperature
HVGO: Heavy vacuum gas oil
Jet: Jet fuel
Kero.: Kerosine
LCO: Light cycle gas oil
LGO: Light gas oil
LP: Low pressure
LSFO: Low-sulfur fuel oil
LSR: Light straight run
LT: Low temperature
MHC: Mild hydrocracking
MS: Microsphere
Oct.: Octane
Olef.: Olefin or olefins
P: Proprietary
Py: Pyrolysis
RDS: Residual desulfurization
RE: Rare earth
REO: Rare earth oxide
Ref.: Reformer or reformate
SA: Surface area
Select.: Selective or selectivity
Sh. ext.: Shaped extrudate
Sph.: Sphere
Stab.: Stable or stability
SR: Straight run
UCS: Unit cell size
VGO: Vacuum gas oil
VI: Viscosity index
Zeo: Zeolite
If you are in search of these chemical products, please contact us via phone or email. We at Chempack are ready and waiting to serve you.

Main Products
    1. Catalyst A catalyst has played a significant role in chemical production, scientific experiments, cycles of life activity, and many others. Enzymes, e,g., as protein catalysts generated by plants, animals and microorganisms ...
    1. Purification Chempack purification catalysts are ideally suited for the removal of sulfur, chloride, mercury, arsine, oxygen, and other impurities. They have great flexibility and can adapt to different operating conditions and applications ...
    1. Adsorbent We offer many types of molecular sieve, including 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X. Our molecular sieve can remove water from liquids and gases very efficiently and can be used in the production of water-free products ...
    1. Catalyst Support Media Chempack ASB high alumina support ball is widely used in oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas applications, and is in increasing demand for use in liquefied natural gas plants. It operates over a wide temperature range ...
    1. Column / Tower Packing This product page primarily introduces our range of tower packing, including metal random packing, plastic random packing and ceramic random packing. Our product is the ideal choice for increasing a tower's capacity and efficiency ...